BEAUTY SALON is an intervention into the industry that inflicts high priced violence on the body in pursuit of beauty and replaces this ‘service’ with rituals that honor truth as beautiful. Feminist Economics Department will host local artists in short-term residencies as ‘Beauticians,’ offering the public beauty treatments, which will offer new ways to ‘confront inequity’. We desire funding to outfit up to 20 local ‘beauticians’ with supplies, to cover their transportation costs, and to offer food and libations in the space.

BEAUTY SALON will use the physical and discursive connection of a ‘makeover’ as a way to deal with the buried shame experienced by those who feel abandoned or abused by contemporary economics. The experimental and subversive range of beauty services offered by the FED have been developed to expose, discuss, and communally exorcise inner damage caused by the financialization of everything. Resident Beauticians will help clients conceptualize, vocalize, externalize ‘how they got screwed’ in a free market, offering the opportunity for clients to unbury suffering that is physical, mental, or emotional. The treatments will make invisible traces of economic oppression visible, so that they can be seen and discussed, rather than ignored and repressed.