Crisis Folklore

A collection of essays edited by the Groundswell Collective. How we imagine future stories that describe our current time period can give us an alternative glimpse of the cultures we are shaping in the here-and-now. To get outside of the modes of analysis we typically offer, we look for the future storytellers, asking what are the tales of resistance in the post-crash era? Crisis being a daily reality, where do we locate our collective daydreams? Can we accurately envision these future stories for ourselves and for others?
Topics include:

* Counter-cultural or resistant reworkings of contemporary problems
* Shifts in the language of dissent, movement, and movements
* Sociological mis/understandings of shifts in folklore in response to crisis
* Possibilities for subversion, especially via art
* Imagined criticisms, counter-hegemonic creation myths, forecasted histories, pre-emptive sense-making, etc.

Including offerings from Real Estate for Ransom, Team Colors, Basekamp, Chris Kennedy, and other influential authors yet to be announced. (Half Letter Press)