Landfill is a project that archives, studies, and redistributes the material byproducts produced by ephemeral artworks. It creates a second venue for projects that largely existed in non-material form, and aims to build a non-linear history of social engagement in art. Landfill exists in three parts: an online Archive, a material Quarterly, and a written Journal. The Quarterly is distributed to subscribers four times a year. It contains the Journal and selected pieces of material ephemera.

As part of the Landfill Archive, supplemental materials become conduits for ideas that continue to circulate. The Archive is an aggregate capable of accounting for the broad range of projects that self-consciously consider their publics, without laying claim to a singular narrative. It is accessible all the time, for free.

Landfill is produced by Ted Purves and Elyse Mallouk. Design by Ven Gist.