Machine Project Hammer Museum Public Engagement Artist in Residence Report released

In 2010/2011 Machine Project produced a year of programming which proposed new, alternative, and experimental ways of presenting work at the Hammer Museum. Projects included a vacation for houseplants, a two minute performance series underneath the stairs, an overnight dream-in and a ton of other stuff documented and discussed in this here report

Machine Project Public Engagement Artist in Residence Report (9.6 Mb PDF)

A year later, what seems most interesting about this project is not just what the public experienced, but everything that took place behind the scenes – the conversations with artists, the challenges inside and outside of the museum, the logistic and philosophical issues involved in attempting to suggest other uses for a major cultural institution. The report includes introductory essays by Machine Director Mark Allen and Hammer Director of Public Engagement Allison Agsten, a roadmap for how the projects were produced (in case you want to try this at your own museum) and extensive interviews with both the artists and museum staff.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to see how the public engagement sausage gets made.