Modeling Alternatives: Art and Social Change

The Institute for Wishful Thinking presented “Modeling Alternatives: Art and Social Change” (April 22- May 8, 2011) at Momenta Art in Brooklyn, NY. With this series of discussions, screenings and presentations we hope to further the possibilities for artists to participate in the development of social policy. Artists, art historians, museum professionals, academics, policy experts and government officials will consider how the art making process can contribute to social change as well as encourage elected officials, community leaders and the general public to think of artists as potential partners in a variety of circumstances.

The IWT was founded in 2008 as an organization that works collaboratively with organizations to grant wishes that offer both practical assistance and possibilities for change. IWT’s experience has shown that a request for wishes allows an organization the space to fantasize about its potential while also providing an opportunity to address its most pressing needs. Since the IWT works with organizations, not individuals, wishes are always directed toward a specific organizational event, goal or challenge. IWT does their best to grant as many wishes as they can, sometimes literally, sometimes a symbolically or metaphorically. While their primary goal is to be of help, they also accept wishes that offer critique. Artists in Residence for the US Government (self declared) takes a slightly different tack: the IWT has imagined its own wishes.
The IWT members are Bibi Calderaro, Maureen Connor, Andrea DeFelice, Susan Kirby, Matthew Mahler, Tommy Mintz, John Pavlou, Nathania Rubin and Gregory Sholette.