Odyssey Works

home_photoImagine waking up to discover yourself immersed in a performance that is all about you. You’re the main character in the performance. It lasts all day, surrounding you with extraordinary experiences that take place in your home, at your workplace, and all over the city where you live. The other actors are your friends and family and an eclectic group of artists, most of whom you’ve never even met. This is Odyssey Works.
If this is happening to you it is because, six months earlier, you chose to fill out one of our questionnaires. The questionnaire, thorough and intensive as it is, is just the beginning of our research; we watch the films you like, speak to your friends and family, visit your home and your workplace. We get to know you as well as possible and then we commission artists to craft a series of experiences designed to be the most profound artistic moments you’ve ever lived. Books are written, scores are composed, films made, installations installed, theatrical moments created – whatever the group determines would be most affecting.
The results are transformative, traversing the boundary between reality and performance. Each piece represents a remarkable collaboration among artists who are innovators in their own fields, both in the US and abroad, and each coalesces into a completely unique and unrepeatable production that leaves none involved unchanged.