Porch Projects

Porch Projects is located in a now-enclosed former sleeping porch off the back of a 1917 row house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Porch Projects is run by Mariah Anne Johnson, an artist who relocated to the District in 2009 after stints in Los Angeles and Illinois. In the spirit of domestic apartment galleries that she experienced in Chicago and Los Angeles (spaces like The Suburban, The Green Lantern, Artist Curated Projects, and San Antonio’s Sala Diaz), Johnson will invite area artists into this room to make new work, collaborate, curate, and experiment.

Porch Projects will fill a need in the local art community by providing an artist-run, artist focused, non-commercial environment in which artists can try new ways of working. Placing such a space in a domestic context will foster new ways of looking at and thinking about artists’ practices, products, and lives.