Project Space Survival Strategies

Project Space Survival Strategies is a research project by the artist Elysa Lozano for Autonomous Organization, produced in collaboration with Invisible Venue. When I started this project, I was looking for something particular. I was thinking about project spaces as the ideal expression of a quasi self-sustainable and non-hierarchical society. Artists and groups on the outer edges of the ‘avant-garde’ have been forming collectives and utilizing creative funding strategies for years. But lately it seemed to me that rather than acting as a lever towards a more institutional career, the loose structure of the project space was becoming an end in itself. Was this international network of spaces working within the same language of contemporary art, many without knowledge of the others, a microcosm of the ideal anarchist society?

Actually the results were far more complex. The formats and manifestations of these spaces stem from the initial idea and organization. In one case, an artist simply wants to show work that interests him, in another, a group begins a dialogue that is developed through exhibitions and events. The motivations behind these initiatives are inextricably linked to the manner of funding them. What constitutes an acceptable way to get funding is as much a question of the integrity of the intention as it is a question of survival.