Stockyard Institute

pedfactheadThe Stockyard Institute is an artistic and pedagogical initiative in Chicago and through DePaul University that engages in the arts, public work, pedagogy and our cooperative networks throughout Chicago to develop publications, exhibitions, public art, teaching forums, curriculum and events around the city as sites for creative civic engagement. Since our beginning in 1995 in the Back of the Yards in Chicago, we have worked alongside so many different groups and spaces to initiate projects and develop arts and education programs that continue to provide opportunities for young artists, teachers, high school students, community residents, senior citizens, elementary school students, graffiti writers, day laborers, musicians, researchers, futurists, activists, poets, foragers, collectives, friends and university students.

Stockyard Institute believes in economies of exchange, participation, and empowerment, therefore its materials are always free and open. Free resources, free speech, free broadcasts, free publishing, free teaching, free information, free art, free learning and free thinking.