The Tinkering Studio

The Tinkering Studio is an immersive, active, creative place at the Exploratorium where museum visitors can slow down, become deeply engaged in an investigation of scientific phenomena, and make something—a piece of a collaborative chain reaction, for example—that represents their ideas and aesthetic.

In the Tinkering Studio, visitors are invited to explore a curiosity-driven exhibit, chat with a featured artist, or investigate a range of phenomena with staff artists, scientists, educators, and others by participating in a collaborative activity. A large, eclectic assortment of materials, tools, and technologies are provided for people to use as they explore and create.

The goal of the Tinkering Studio is to support the creative ideas of museum visitors, external collaborators, and staff. It provides a place where people can explore together in meaningful ways that revolve around visitors’ ideas, questions, and explorations, enabling them to build an evolving understanding of the world.